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Lola Bunny added to

Lola Bunny

Added on: 05/03/2016
Age: Eighteen
Height: 5’3
Figure: 32A-23-30

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Description: Lola Bunny is a spicy little Latin tanalize! This sexually excited goddess just turned 18 and wants to reveal the world her naughty side. She has an arse that will make your mouth water, and a raunchy appetite that matches her larger than typical suckable teats!

Charlie – No talk, just action

No talk, just action

No talk, just action

Charlie Pizzazz, a 63-year-old golden-haired, says a skirt chaser receives her attention with intelligence, respect and engaging conversation.

We have no idea about the intelligence of Tony, her guy in this scene. All we know is that this smooth operator gets his jock rock hard on-command. We likewise have no idea whether that fellow respects babes, although he has always been very nice to our M.I.L.F.S.. No surprise there. If this chab wasn’t, that fellow would not acquire any of the great old cookie we serve him.

As for engaging conversation, there is none of that between Charlie and Tony in this scene. There’s just banging.

When the scene widens, Charlie is lying in sofa. This babe is wearing underware, stockings and fuck-me pumps. Tony is checking her out. That smooth operator craves to watch what he is gonna receive. Charlie, who has been fondelling her muff throughout her knickers, wastes very little time in advance of calling him over.

Charlie is a Mother and a grandmother, and that’s priceless to know. She used to be a nurse. This babe is married. That babe lives in Colorado. She’d like to go bungee jumping some day. Hey, Charlie, tons of people go bungee jumping. Not many people do this.

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May Alana_luv – Busty MILF teases her mature pussy until she cums

Big boobed HORNY HOUSEWIFE tanalises her aged twat until this babe cums


Haley – Arkansas Stunner

Arkansas Dish

Arkansas Stunner

Lives: Warren, Arkansas
Age: Twenty one
Born: October 10
Ht: 5’2″
Wt: 111 pounds
Bras: 34B
Panties: Spandex thongs
Anal: Tongueing or maybe a finger
BJs: I’m not a bigger in size than average BJ fan
Masturbate: Yep

“I lost my virginity in the back of a pickup MPV,” Haley said us. “It was such an Arkansas thing to do. You know what else makes me feel like such a country gal? My favorite position is cowgirl!” We don’t mind a precious ol’ fashioned southern angel here at NN, and we’re sure you readers don’t, either. Haley’s got the charm of a stylish belle and the body of an hotty.

We asked Haley what pleases her the almost all in the bedroom. “I love to be wooed. U know, I love when a chap chases me and lets me know how peculiar I’m,” she replied. “But if you are referring to a special move, I like when a boy eats me out and fingers my cum-hole at the same time. I especially like it when that skirt chaser sucks on my clitoris while hitting my G-spot with two or three fingers. That combination of feeling my snatch getting stretched out, nearly squirting ‘cuz of that G-spot stimulation, and the electric feeling that I get from my adore button, makes me wanna freak out and cum at the same time. You have gotta work up to that move, though!”

“I know that it’s strange in this day and age, but I am not the monumental fan of engulfing strapon. I’ve done it before, but I’d rather not. And you know what? Whenever I’ve told a boy, I also let ’em know that they can do soever they crave to my pussy. They can shag me in any position, at any speed, and for however lengthy they urge. That turns their frowns upside down, for sure! I’m just too impatient to suck ding-dong. If I’m wanton, I need that meat-thermometer inside me as pretty soon as humanly possible!”

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Roxi Red – Roxi Through Glass

Roxi Through Glass

Roxi Through Glass

One of our SCORE cameramen, Jose, spent most of his time on his back shooting this Roxi Red scene. He captures Roxi hovering over him from a low-angle as that babe disrobes and swings, jiggles, juggles and shakes her large, immense, huge, king-size boobs.

Roxi then climbs onto the glass table for the first time for more magnificant views of her super-naturals and her slit. It was a different experience for Roxi who’s watched the table in the studio before but thought it was just a glass-topped table and did not know it was constructed to support a adult model standing and sat on it.

P.S. points out, as we have, that Roxi is in a league of her own: “This tall, seductive gal is simply breath taking. Roxi has it all: the looks, the body and the rack. Roxi beautifully reveals that greater indeed is better. The sheer size, shape and fullness of her enormous hangers is astounding. Talk about endless cleavage!”

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Mirabella Amore – Deep-throat MILF

Deep-throat MILF

Deep-throat MILF

“I’ve always been naturally sensual,” told Mirabella, who’s making her worldwide sucking-and-fucking clip initial appearance right here. “When I modeled in my early 20s, I had a photographer who said me that I’ve the look of sex.”

She has that. Mirabella is Fourty three but looks younger. This babe has long, blonde hair, large boobies, a dunky waist and lengthy legs. This babe once straddled a spouse and fucked him whilst driving down the Interstate. She would pick up honey bunnys for one more husband, and they’d have three-somes. We asked her what she’s valuable at in daybed, and this babe immediately said, “Blow jobs.”

As you are about to find out, this babe ain’t lying.

“I savour it. I practiced on my ex-spouse. Practice makes consummate.”

How does one practice blow jobs?

“I’ve modeled previous to,” told Mirabella, who was born in Georgia and lives in South Florida. This babe is also been a dancer, a ballerina and a exotic dancer. “I liked modeling professionally when I was younger. I’m kind of drawn to the spotlight. I enjoy sex. I’m sexual. I’m ardent.”

If u ask us, she’s also great.

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Chavon Taylor – Dr. Taylor & Mr. Hyde-The-Salami

Dr. Taylor & Mr. Hyde-The-Salami

Dr. Taylor & Mr. Hyde-The-Salami

Chavon Taylor is a hot, big-chested scientist researching bio-erotic drugs. Who else would be qualified for this kind of work but a big breasted thang with a major rack and a longing for the bigger than standard banana? They call such researchers “boobologists.”

Chavon has invented this orange swallow that makes bucks wanton once they drink it. Dr. Taylor gives a decision to test her latest formula on the simpleton delivery charmer who not at all pays any attention to her or her world-class jugs. (There is a name for these studs.) That man gulps down the stuff and receives a hard-on for Chavon immediately. The chemical appears to be to work on Chavon likewise ‘coz that babe receives to engulfing on his 10-Pounder like that babe hasn’t had a gent in years. It is a nice thing they didn’t wreck any lab equipment because the action acquires wild. Science marches on. More killer living throughout chemistry!

After a vigorous pounding, this babe jerks him off on her greater than standard love melons. “I always wear a bra of some kind,” says Chavon, who developed bigger than standard milk shakes youthful and recognizes the vigour of her boobage. “If not a regular bra, then a sports underneath garment, because I do not crave to have saggage in the future!”

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Dolly Little added to

Dolly Little

Added on: 05/03/2016
Age: 20
Height: 4’10
Figure: 32B-22-32

Sample Pics/Vids of Dolly Little
Description: Sweet and sultry with the softest nude wet crack that you’ve ever seen, Dolly Little is a delectable American spinner. This feisty redhead is a total treat that you’ll wanna lick and example to the very last drop of her muff juices.
May Alana_luv – Naughty blonde cougar finger fucks her shaved pussy until she gets off

Naughty blond cougar finger fucks her hairless cum-hole until this babe receives off


Charlie – Cock charmer

Knob gent

Cock charmer

Charlie Enchantment, a 63-year-old Mama and grandmother, returns to engulf and screw Thirty something buck Tony Rubino, smth almost all mothers and grandmothers, especially those in their 60s, don’t do.

Charlie was born in Pennsylvania and lives in Colorado. That babe enjoys flashing for beads at Mardi Gras in Fresh Orleans. This babe describes herself as “shy and proper at home.” She is not a swinger, “although I did have a juvenile stranger at Mardi Gras along with my husband. They took turns on me all night. I didn’t even know the guy’s name. I just know this chab banged me well.”

For Charlie, that’s all that counts. Here, Tony fucks her well, likewise, and cums into Mrs. Charm’s open mouth. She seems to like the taste of cum.

“I do,” she said. “Plus, it makes me a naughty grandma.”

As if that babe was not already?

Charlie says that babe loves to suit “sexy but classy with a hint of naughty peeking out.” Does that mean her ass is showing? Her knockers? Maybe some cameltoe? If u ever watch Charlie out and about, let’s know.

She has a substantial toy collection. We’re talking about dildos and sex-aids and other things that babe uses to plug her twat. She is getting into bondage. She enjoys “masturbating until I cum and then having a real shlong make me cum again.”

That can easily be arranged, Charlie.

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Abby – Abby Needs Servicing

Abby Needs Servicing

Abby Needs Servicing

Abby’s got a damp cunny and an barmy face hole that’s hungry for some dong! Hawt, svelte Abby loves getting visits from her out-of-town husband. This babe knows he’ll finger her tight, hairless cunt properly. It’s just the thing to receive her in the mood to give a nice, lengthy oral-sex.

Abby’s pussy needs some servicing! “It’s unbending when your much loved jock lives so far away. I have to masturbate constantly so I won’t cheat. I love a rock hard jock deep in my cunny, and when I don’t acquire it daily, I sometimes stray. My husband doesn’t mind though as lengthy as I still shag him also.”

How often do u copulate other lads? “It really depends. My boyfriend can only come around a not many times a month, so I
have a couple of other buck friends I’ve on my list for nights when I get likewise lonely. And once in a whilst, I’ll just flirt with a boy some place and take him home with me. It is kind of precious that I receive to bonk other boys. Some people say a pecker is a knob, but when you’re with someone a during the time that and u acquire used to the way their schlong feels, a stranger’s meat-thermometer ends up feeling so much more wondrous.”

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