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Breast Intentions

Breast Intentions

 Breast Intentions

A TSG editor once noted that “Goldie Blair looks like one of those way-too-hot young moms who goes to her kids’ back-to-school and meet-the-parents nights.” In other words, a soccer MILF.

While Goldie is not a mom herself, the writer did tap into one of the fantasy roles that Goldie can cos-play. Goldie could also be a uniformed cop, a school teacher or a doctor. She’s best known as a wrestler and a domina, totally in control of both men and women, but sometimes winds up bound and gagged. Goldie says she’s not sure if she actually has any personal fetishes of her own although she has a blast at role-playing and has made it her life’s path.

Brit-born Goldie made her first SCORE appearance in the January 2004 edition but debuted in April 2000 Leg Sex magazine and returned in July 2002 Naughty Neighbors.

Goldie’s “Breast Intentions” here are to dress casually in a tight halter top, denim skirt and heels, strip down, hop into bed and pet the pussy until it purrs. Goldie doesn’t neglect her big, shapely boobs and gives them lots of attention too.

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Double Penetration For Victoria Lobov

Double Penetration For Victoria Lobov

Double Penetration For Victoria Lobov

Victoria Lobov is a fan of Danielle Derek. Relaxing in bed, the gorgeous and sexy Victoria is watching Danielle’s double penetration SCORE video on her phone and getting very excited. She plays with her sensitive nipples and fingers her wet pussy, watching Danielle take two cocks in her pink slit and butthole.

Victoria reaches for her two glass dildos and does her own double penetration with the toys. The expression on her lovely face is priceless. Just then, Will walks into the bedroom and catches her. He comes over to the bed and looks at Victoria’s phone.

“I was watching Danielle Derek,” Victoria tells him in her soft, erotic voice. “She’s a SCORE Girl. She’s so sexy and beautiful. Look what she’s doing.”

“Whoa,” Will says. “She’s in a DP. You like that?”

“I’ve never tried but I think I’d like to,” Victoria replies.

That inspires Will to call his bro Sam. He invites him over to share the bed with Victoria and give her what she’s been masturbating to. Sam goes into the bedroom where Victoria and Will have already started their fun. Sam joins in, and together, they fuck Victoria’s tight pussy and ass in DP, the way she saw Danielle Derek get DP’ed.

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Chesty Czech Chick

Chesty Czech Girl

Chesty Czech Chick

Veronika keeps a low-profile and doesn’t look for publicity and exposure in the big-tit world. Not to be constrained with another prolific, now-retired Veronika who starred in Breasty Euro Maids, this Veronika got into glamour modeling in 2003 and started at SCORELAND in 2005.

Veronika goes back to “civilian” life periodically, then resurfaces, usually with different colored hair, sometimes slimmer, sometimes heavier but with the same lusty, big boobed attitude and like for the aggressive wang pounding into her.

“I like dudes. I once said I like a guy who is an brute in sofa and controls me. I don’t have so much interest in making videos with beauties but I do have dreams of orgies with chaps and honeys.

“Guys are always talking to me, wanting to take me home. One told to me ‘You have precious, bigger than standard eyes.’ That was laughable.”

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Lucy Laistner: Girl In A Summer Dress

Lucy Laistner: Angel In A Summer Dress

Lucy Laistner: Gal In A Summer Dress

Teen princess Lucy Laistner of St. Petersburg, Russian Federation has a gentle, squishy way about her. She’s kooky to try anything life has to offer. Becoming a adult model is a fine way for university scholar Lucy to realize some of her dreams, love traveling and exploring fresh countries. It likewise helps with the practical side of life such as paying her tuition. She has over 100 thousand followers on Instagram.

Some of Lucy’s role adult models are Demmy Blaze, Cheryl Blossom, Samantha Lily and Maria Body. She admires and respects them. She’s met ’em in person and taken pix with them.

Lucy’s bra size is a 32JJ Britain size. That’s a 32N in the USA. This babe favors bras by Buxom Kate.

In this photo set, Lucy spends some time in a garden. It’s private and sunny, just the right place to take off her summer dress, bra and panties and flaunt off her hawt, voluptuous body.

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Boobs & Bush Buffet

Melons & Bush Buffet

Boobs & Bush Buffet

How does Mischel Lee handle a hungry smooth operator? 2 hungry guys?

Mischel has served Steve and his bro Max a worthy meal. The stacked brunette hair with that ever-popular bush and pierced slit clears the table and returns with some creamy pastries for the lads. Steve can’t take his gaze off the body of this super-babe and urges some of this walking, talking eye candy for dessert instead.

Steve caresses Mischel and removes all of her hot raiment, leaving her in briefs and heels. This chap puts some of her pastry man juice on her right tit and licks it off, telling Max to do the same on her other breast. They place Mischel on the table cuz that babe is gonna be the main course. Plopping a pastry on every boob, Max and Steve feast on Mischel’s creamy goodness and take up with the tongue her mammaries clean. Lip-smackin’ admirable!

It is time for Mischel to eat, too, so they help Mischel off the table and that babe kneels and sucks on each man’s sausage. Mischel is more than enough domina for 2 guys. They tongue-fuck and cock-fuck Miss Lee on the table, off the table and on the floor in a buffet of milk sacks, rogering, blowing and bushwhacking in an all-you-can-eat brunch-munch.

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Oil! Oil! Oil!

Baby oil! Baby oil! Greasy oil!

Oil! Baby oil! Baby oil!

All parties need to end, and to wrap up this spectacular eight-girl party in the tropics, Sha, Codi, Demmy, Alexya, Kitty, Daria, Helen and Erin hit the beach in their bikinis, racing through the sand and surf. Their large funbags bounce and shake as they run and jump in the bustiest beach party of them all.

Peeling off their bikinis, the girls run to the pool and dive in for more group play. They greasy oil every other and acquire touchy-feely, making their voluptuous bodies shine in the tropical sun. Their North Coast pool party is interrupted by Dave, calling with an announcement for the last time from The SCORE Group offices in Miami.

“Girls, that was great, and I indeed enjoyed your little oiling reveal! Yes, I was watching. And I am cheerful to announce that we have a winner…or winners. Yep, I said winners. U angels are all so great, you are all winners! “

The girls jump back into the pool, celebrating as a group, a united nations of big busted superstars. They’ll pretty soon be leaving this paradise for their home countries but their friendships will continue.

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That Thing Casca Does

That Thing Casca Does

That Thing Casca Does

“I adore it when anybody is just being genuine in their compliments,” Casca Akashova said.

“I adore being wanted by the person I crave. Sincerity makes me blush. Be honest, be respectful and be yourself with me. And always..always…include valuable food.”

Casca can’t live with out a straight-up charmer. No posers.

“Say howdy and be straight-forward and assured,” Casca emphasized. “Not ballsy or rude. I adore to watch a boy smile and make eye-contact. It is really that effortless to receive the ball rolling.”

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DP Anal Super-fuck


DP Anal Super-fuck

SCORE magazine covergirl Tigerr Benson takes on 2 boys. They do not stand a chance against this princess of fun bags, stunner and brains. That babe easily drains them of their fine bodily fluids. Tigerr gives her all.

SCORE: Was this DP threesome with George and Kristof any different in any way?

Tigerr Benson: Yeah, it was. I liked that I was with a cute juvenile lad and an aged boy, that was hot for me. Sometimes it is the diminutive things that receive me hot.

SCORE: Do you’ve any kind of mental warm-up previous to a scene or do you jump right in? What about a physical warm-up before u receive into all those hot poses?

Tigerr Benson: I do not do any warm-up. I always adore to keep things natural when I’m having sex. I think you would need a warm-up if u were just doing a job but that’s not really me. I keep fit by climbing. I am a bit short so I am always having to stretch my legs.

SCORE: What 3 things do u have fun almost all about making adult vids and pix? What three things do you enjoy the least?

Tigerr Benson: First, I just love sex, and sex with a new woman chaser or bucks is always thrilling. My Chinese sign is the pig so I think I was born hungry for everything! Sex on-camera is with out strings so that’s phat.

Second, I love the attention and the feeling I’m being viewed by thousands of guys lusting after me. That is a cliche, I know. But in my intimate life I am very much into the hot wife fetish and have my (cuckold) husband and quite a hardly any boyfriends who savour seeing me having filthy sex with other men. This brings out the exhibition or performer in me when I’m having sex in front of digital camera. Too, many have mentioned me being in SCORE so I think being on camera is actually nice promotion also.

3rd, I’ve pleasure being professional to tour. I’m not that well known in the USA but in Europe I’m popular sufficient that now I can pick and elect who I work with (I merely work with nice people). So when I trip I know there is always intend to be sexy enjoyment at my destination. Sometimes I sit in the airport envisaging for my flight and just daydream about what might happen during the shoot. Then I have to go to the loo and masturbate.(Laughs)

Three things I relish the least? That is indeed hard. Well, I miss my doggy Snoepje. Snoepje means “sweet” in Dutch. This smooth operator gets very sad when I am away.

Second, when I’m traveling it’s sometimes very difficult to acquire admirable Chinese and Japanese food. I like noodles–Ramen, Soba and Udon–and I go noodle desirous if I don’t acquire any… that sounds rude! (Laughs)

3rd and truly the most important now I suppose of it! When I am having sex in front of a camera with two hot boyz and indeed getting hot, and the director shouts “cut!” Completely frustrating!

A lot of times I acquire to carry on with a stunt after the shoot is finished, so I can cum or I won’t be professional to sleep at night! I have collected a hardly any boyfriends this way, which is nice ‘cos it means when I discharge with ’em afresh, the sex scenes are even hotter. ‘Cos they are real!

SCORE: Almost all porn performers are raunchy athletes. What about the regular boyz you’ve had sex with? Have u discovered any of them to be sex athletes also?

Tigerr Benson: Yeah, some of the expert boys are incredible! I have a stunt hubby in Valencia, Nick who copulates me all day and night!! We merely avoid for food. [Laughs] When I’m shooting in Spain I stay with him, so when I get back I’m always truly fatigued.

But in usual life with regular boyz, sex is very different. I savour the difference, I’m very much into yin and yang in life. I love balance. I likewise enjoy slow sex that’s quite real and sexual. You don’t truly receive asked to do sex like this in front of the digital camera. So although the regular lads are not indeed raunchy athletes, they still acquire me sexy in a different way.

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Danielle Derek: Extreme Slingshot Swimsuit Sexxx

Danielle Derek: Unbelievable Slingshot Bikini Sexxx

Danielle Derek: Incredible Slingshot Bathing dress Sexxx

Danielle Derek is back to drain every drop of sap without JMac. He’s overjoyed to watch her one more time. She’s one of his favorites–an ultra-slim shag toy he can lift in the air and fuck standing up. It’s been a hardly any years since they rogered. To his surprise and increasing boob-drunkenness, Danielle’s super-supersized her already-giant wobblers since their last fling. This chab can’t expect to bone these bodacious meatballs and stretch and fill her tight twat.

“I like being a copulate doll,” Danielle once said. “I adore being a guy’s dildo. I love to put on sexy heels and underware and prance around. Bucks adore to palm my wazoo. That’s their greater than average thing ‘cuz they can receive my complete gazoo in one hand. I am so slight, they can pick me up and move me wherever they urge, adore against the wall. I wrap my legs around them, and they bonk me against the wall.”

Drooping out at the pool at a intimate home, and barely wearing a slingshot bikini that get to require a license to wear in public, Danielle’s eyes light up when that babe sees JMac. After a not many minutes of miniature talk during which he tells her how much he can’t live with out the DVD SCORE Sexplosion, Danielle’s very first scene, Danielle loudly sucks his meat-thermometer, gagging and drooling saliva all over those mountainous milk cans. It is the 1st of several throat-fucks Danielle will get betwixt their banging positions. They go inside and race to the bedroom for acrobatic super-sex that takes astonishing erotic stamina. And, just as that babe urges, Danielle does receive hoisted in the air and screwed adore the shag doll this babe is.

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Katy Ann Rocks The Boat In A Nude Year Party

Katy Ann Rocks The Boat In A In nature’s garb Year Party

Katy Ann Rocks The Boat In A Stripped Year Party

Katy Ann is popping her cork and so will u on this boat travel with the Miami skyline behind her.

Statuesque Katy Ann has a Stripped Year declaration: “These are adult-size milk cans. Weapons of mass destruction. They’re so bigger than typical! World domination. I am coming for you!

“They’re soft and velvety. They feel a bit firm. These are not unbending at all. They have movement. They just feel pillow-soft. They feel great, adore a worthwhile, firm pillow.”

Was anyone watching the Texas bombshell with a high-powered telescope to watch what went on as our boat went past all of the office buildings and condos? Everything is possible in the Magic City and Katy Ann is one of the visitors who makes it magic.

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Anastasia L’Amour: Big Boob Bust-out

Anastasia L’Amour: Big Boob Bust-out

Anastasia L'Amour: Big Boob Bust-out

“Whether or not I wanna emphasize my love muffins, depends on the place and occasion or event,” told super-busty Anastasia L’Amour.

“If I’m going grocery shopping or to the Fitness Centre, I’m definitely wearing a jogging outfit with sneakers, very low-key. But if I’m going out on a date, or to a exotic dancing club or a specific event such as Exotica, or filming a scene and doing photo shoots, then I’m 100% going to be emphasizing my bumpers and I will suit to the nines.

“As a teenager, I was a cheerleader and in my early Twenty’s, I started to do competitive swimsuit contests. I do not do these anymore. I mainly focus on my every single day workout routine with my trainer at the Health Exotic dancing club and my diet. Yoga and meditation are lifestyle choices I’ve now as well. Even when I am touring, I will stick to my routine whether or not my trainer is there.”

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