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Brianna Costello: 16:08 Minute Video of Brianna Costello

Brianna Costello: 16:08 Minute Movie scene of Brianna Costello

“My fur pie is really constricted,” Brianna Costello says in an interview. (It’s posted on SCOREVideos.) “It’ll grasp your schlong and squeeze the cum with out it. You need to observe it with me or you’ll cum likewise quickly, and that’s by no means wonderful. And my pussy is multi-orgasmic. It cums and cums a continuous amount of times. I don’t just cum one time. I cum from fucking, I cum from getting my vagina eating, I even cum from the bidet water going up my slit, which is plenty of enjoyment. I just like to squirt it up there and feel the water. I might be the merely beauty I know who’s ever cum from sitting on a bidet. I cum in a lot of other ways, likewise. I am very erotic. I want to do it all the time.”

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