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Tina Lee’s Bikini Bonus

Tina Lee’s Swim suit Bonus

Tina Lee's Bathing costume Bonus

Tina Lee loves bikinis and bikinis adore her. We love Tina Lee in bikinis. That babe is a knockout. The Prague studio workers member attempted to get Tina in the pool but the water was too cold. That babe did splash some water on her stripped bumpers. One day we’ve to acquire a full photoset and movie of Tina in bikinis.

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Young Stuff

Young Ram

Young Stuff

Sylvia Bateman was 18 and wearing braces when she arrived at XL Girls. New, lovely and delicate Sylvia is a sexually unrepining cutie and prefers the buck to lead the dance. JMac is happy to be that lad in this scene.

XLGirls: Do u adore to have your nipples pinched or pulled?

Sylvia: I prefer to have my teats pinched.

XLGirls: Do you adore them sucked hard or downy?

Sylvia: I like having my scoops sucked rock hard! They’re super-sensitive and a fine engulfing will definitely drive me crazy!

XLGirls: How do you masturbate before u go to sleep?

Sylvia: I use a Hitachi wand on a medium setting until I orgasm.

XLGirls: What is the almost all weird position you have ever endevoured?

Sylvia: Being screwed upside-down on my shoulders.

XLGirls: How different are regular boys at sex compared to porn lads?

Sylvia: Porn boyz are much more awesome equipped! I am never a size queen but I can not say no to a bigger than typical dick!

XLGirls: Would u date a male porno star?

Sylvia: I at not time thought about it. I think…. My current partner, who is a female, likewise does porn, so yes, maybe.

XLGirls: What would you like to say to the boys at XL Gals?

Sylvia: I love all my fans at XL Beauties! I’m happy to show off my thick, busty, legal age teenager body for you. I love all the comments, tweets, and fan mail I have been receiving from admirers around the world! I hope to do much more with XL Cuties in the future!

XLGirls: Thanks, Sylvia.

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Shannon’s long-awaited first XXX

Shannon’s long-awaited first XXX

Shannon's long-awaited first XXX

You wish you had a masseuse like Shannon Blue, a 53-year-old divorcee from the Great Britain. Shannon is clothed for tips in a low-cut dress that brandishes off her titanic rack. Max, who’s Twenty four years younger than Shannon, is lying on the table, thinking he is gonna acquire an normal massage, but then Shannon leans over and smothers his face with her boobs, then that babe takes out his weenie, pours oil on it and gives him the greatest hand job he’s ever had.

But Shannon isn’t done with him. No, this isn’t intend to be a quickie glad ending. That babe sucks his jock then suggests up her rack for a tit-fuck, then receives up on the rubdown table so that man can copulate her pierced cunt. And then, Kyle cums all over her knockers.

It’s an wondrous first-time fuck by this British HORNY HOUSEWIFE, who made headlines in the England when that babe used her divorce settlement to super-size her scones from D-cups to M-cups. When we read about her in the British tabloids, we quickly contacted her. Shannon was kooky and lascivious about showing off her handsome body for all the world to watch. And then she was very sexually excited about screwing on-camera.

“I don’t think I’ve any peculiar talents, but who needs talent when u have large fun bags?” Shannon told.

We think Shannon has many talents, and this babe shows ’em off in this scene.

Shannon buys majority of her bras from Ann Summers, the celebrated British underware and dildo company.

“The colossal cup size I can receive is an H-cup. I adore to wear balconette bras. I adore wearing low-cut tops and dresses that reveal off my titties. I might as well flaunt them, right?”

Damn right!

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Lilly Fucks Her Son’s Big-dicked Friend

Lilly Fucks Her Son’s Big-dicked Ally

Lilly Shags Her Son's Big-dicked Friend

When this scene opens, 46-year-old Lilly James thinks she’s alone in her house, but then this babe hears the shower trickling. Lilly, who’s wearing a short, sexy, revealing suit, looks through the bawdy cleft in the bath door and sees her son’s friend, Kyle, showering. That babe loves what she sees, so she walks in on him.

“Mrs. James, I’m so sorry,” Kyle stammers, trying to cover his package with a towel. “Cory told I could shower here. This Lothario said me nobody would be here.”

“It’s okay, Kyle,” Mrs. James says.

“I’m so constrained.”

“You shouldn’t be,” she says, then this babe looks down at his crotch. “So…you’re actually bigger than run of the mill. Come with me.”

Mrs. James leads him to her bedroom and assures him that her hubby and son will not be home for hours. That is all the convincing he needs. She swallows his cock, which is very bigger than average, then she screws him unbending. And so goes the second copulate scene by this wife and Mommy from Houston, Texas, who is quickly becoming one of our favorites.

40SOMETHING: Were u aware at the time that there was porn featuring sweethearts in their Fourtys, 50s and Sixty’s?
LILLY: Yes, I knew that was a thing. People have said me there’s porn with people my age, in their 40’s, and a lot of boyz like that. It is a fetish thing. And people have said me I’m beautiful, so I thought I would try it.

40SOMETHING: Were u surprised when u heard that?
LILLY: Yep, I was surprised. Most people think porn is with 20-year-olds.

40SOMETHING: The difference between u now and when you were in your Twentys, sexually, is?
LILLY: I’m more sexual in my 40s. I’ve no idea what happened. I’ve pleasure it a lot. I like to have sex a lot.

40SOMETHING: Was u doing this your idea or your husband’s idea?
LILLY: It was my idea. I have been thinking about it. I had my stage name picked out, and this chab told, “What do you think about maybe doing it?” And I said, “Yeah, okay. And this is my porn name.” So that smooth operator was like, “Oh, u already decided u wanted to do this.” I said, “Yeah!”

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Dec – Baby Shine added to

Nubiles - Baby Shine

Legal age teenagersBaby Shine

Added On:

Dec 25, 2018


Enjoyment and flirty short stuff Baby Shine is a smiling seductress who’ll lure you home to take advantage of each bit of joy u can give her. Smooth skin, lengthy brown hair, and a set of massive nipples will leave you craving this beauty’s touch.


Busty Sweater MILF

Breasty Sweater Mom I’D LIKE TO FUCK

Busty Sweater MILF

Temperatures may be dropping out side, but indoors with Amber Lynn Bach and her constricted, white sweater, the thermometer is rising and ready to pop its top.

Amber is usually not a fan of bras unless they’re sports bras, but her undergarment looks fine with this constricted sweater. Amber works out a lot at her local Health Lap dancing club and keeps very toned and fit, as you’ve viewed previous to at SCORELAND. That is when the blonde sex-doll wears a undergarment.

Amber says that babe has a fuck-me shoe fetish, shags at least four times a week and has had enough erotic experiences to fill a Masters & Johnson book. More power to her!

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Lilly’s very big day

Lilly’s very larger than typical day

Lilly's very bigger in size than standard day

Lilly James is a 46-year-old wife and Mamma from Houston, Texas. This babe works as a medical laboratory scientist for a hospital, but this babe only recently identified her true calling in life: being a sex star.

Lilly describes herself as conservative and says people would be very, very surprised to watch her here. This babe lives smth of a double life, and even her closest allies have no idea that babe is a swinger.

“One time I was in the back of this darksome bar rogering a 27-year-old and engulfing one more guy’s ramrod at the same time,” this babe said us. “My boyfriend and I were at the bar, then we went upstairs, and I brought the 27-year-old with me. We had just met him not long in advance of that. And there was another charmer up there watching us. So my spouse said him to come over and that stud whipped his jock out. So I started sucking it during the time that I was fucking the 27-year-old.”

Even though she doesn’t regularly costume up hawt, Lilly considers herself an exhibitionist. Knowing that lots of boys will be jacking off to her photos and movie scenes is a giant turn-on for her.

Here, Lilly is wearing a hot red dress. The weenie that babe is sucking is humongous. This babe has to stretch her lips around it. It looks humongous in her mouth. But that babe has no trouble getting her cum-hole around it.

By the way, after Lilly’s posting this week, we’ll be seeing her one time more in the coming months…getting ass-fucked by 2 studs.

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Lithe Little Cutie

Lithe Little Hotty

Lithe Little Cutie

Occupation: Ballet instructor; Age: Nineteen; Born: February 3; Ht: 5’4″; Wt: 100 pounds; Bras: 32B; Panties: Briefs or commando; Anal: I like it; BJs: Gulp; Masturbate: Not quite every day

Isn’t Vanna a little beauty? The brace-faced ballet instructor made a powerful impression with our photographer when we asked her to kick off stripping. “Oh my gosh,” she exclaimed. “I’m already so soaked just thinking about doing this! It is love a fantasy come true.

“I lost my virginity on an early-release day in high school. I brought a stud home and told my parents he was homosexual so they wouldn’t worry about him. We screwed in the pool, the washroom, my bedroom and the living room previous to my parents came home and we had to prevent. It was excellent. I was hooked just now. I knew I was, love, nice-looking much a sex junkie.

“I adore bondage and rope play. I think being bound up by a large, meaty boy and used for hours on end in each position imaginable would be the hottest thing ever. I just need to detect a buck handy with a rope.”

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Dec – Lady Jay added to

Nubiles - Dominant-bitch Jay

NubilesFemale Jay

Added On:

Dec Twenty five, 2018


Receive ready for a treat when Woman Jay arrives on the scene. This sexy and big breasted Russian always has a toy she can use to play wherever she’s and whenever she craves. Her big scoops are willing to be cosseted as foreplay in advance of moving on to her lush vagina.


Shannon Blue’s first XXX

Shannon Blue’s 1st XXX

Shannon Blue's first XXX

For members, this is likely your first glance at Shannon Blue, a 53-year-old divorcee from the UK who made a bigger than run of the mill splash in the British tabloids when that babe used her divorce settlement to super-size her bra buddies from D-cups to M-cups.

But there’s a very wonderful chance you’re being joined right now by a lot of SCORELAND busty paramours who have been expecting to see Shannon go hardcore ever since that babe debuted about 13 months agone.

“I can not receive enough of my fresh mellons,” said Shannon, who lives in Bulgaria. “They’ve completely transformed my life and they look and feel breathtaking. Majority of my sexy raiment are stretchy, so my fullsome funbags are always on-show.”

Shannon loves to expose off. That babe loves when boys stare at her greater than standard bra buddies. They’re there for the looking. That babe has a pierced wet crack that is drilled hard in these photos. Shannon is not a hush-hush person.

“My wildest erotic collision?” Shannon told. “Being fucked up against a tree after being tied to it.”

The thing is, previous to her transformation, Shannon wasn’t a stripper or a exposed model. She was not at any time a swinger. She did go to a nudist resort.

“I tried it once in the Britain,” she told. “It was a worthy feeling, very liberating.”

Shannon is a Mommy and a grandmother.

“I suppose I am a GILF,” this babe said. Damn right!

“I adore to begin sex. If I need sex, I must have it then and not expect. I love it each single day and I am assured about it. I swallow cuz spitting makes a mess. I love being licked and giving blow jobs and being massaged. I masturbate often and I like to wear Latex.”

Here, Shannon is a masseuse who initiates sex. It’s a very outstanding XXX first appearance.

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100% Bikini Destruction

100% Bikini Destruction

100% Bathing costume Destruction

Renee Ross stands against a bare blue background, the better to examine and focus on her jaw-dropping jugs and sexy face. She jiggles and jumps, her monumental 40J-cup flesh-pillows releasing sufficient kinetic energy to power an ocean liner.

Renee squirts the lustrous ram on her giant tits, one container in each hand. Her milk shakes need 2 jars of baby oil. One is not sufficient. The camera’s focus is Renee’s veiny tits in close-up as we celebrate the miracle of her mammalicious marvels.

“If I am going out for…like…dinner or smth like that, I love to wear fitted tops and reveal my bumpers off. Don’t receive me not correct. I love to brandish ’em off. I love my funbags. I adore to wear things that call attention to ’em. Worthwhile bras and low cut shirts are a nice way to do that.”

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