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Rosie – A Fresh Start

A Fresh Kick off

A Recent Start

Do u remember Rosie the 24-year-old from Derby, United Realm? She grew her pubes out for months just to send in some fotos to our web site. This babe and her then-boyfriend are members here at our web site. Well, they broke up. “It was a long-time coming. I still like him, but we’re not as compatible as we used to be. It was time to move on,” Rosie told us. We’re guessing that this babe was talking about more than just her relationship, judging by the other major life decision that babe made lately. “I hairless off my hair, too. My pubes, I mean!”
“I’m not sure which pube style I love more. Shaving is a hassle, and I am not brave enough to wax my holes. It sounds so painful! Most guys appear to be to adore me shaven down there, though. I liked having my rug, too! It was fun to play with and run my fingers throughout. I also liked how I could shampoo my bush and it would remain fragrant through the day. I just didn’t adore how the hair felt in my straps. I went with out ’em when I had the bush.”

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Jessica Torres – Fucking Jessica without the wait

Fucking Jessica out of the wait

<b>Screwing Jessica with out the wait</b>” title=”<b>Screwing Jessica out of the await</b>” src=”” /></a> </p>
<p class=Now it is time for 40-year-old Jessica Torres’ 1st XXX movie. Jessica, a divorcee and Mama who was born in the Phillippines and lives in Chicago, told us, “I not at all thought I’d do everything love this.” That being told, she does it well.

In the episode interview that precedes the fucking, Jessica says she’s not an facile lay. Sex on the 1st date? No way. Maybe a peck on the cheek. Maybe a oral-service by the fourth date. Maybe sex after a month.

Of course, things are different in a porn studio. Tony, who she just met, acquires into Jessica’s face hole and fur pie right away. Valuable deal for him, and we must jack to the act.

Jessica is 5’7″ and weighs 134 pounds. This babe has brown hair and valuable mellons. That babe enjoys watching soccer and movies. She has three kids. She has owned a restaurant, a garments store and a tax preparation service. This babe can’t live with out to be watched during the time that having sex. That is a good thing for her. And for us.

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Paris Lorenz – Special Delivery

Particular Delivery

Special Delivery

An important shipment of Doc Johnson marital-devices and other toys has arrived at SCORE headquarters in time for the Toys For Mambos parade. Paris Lorenz, model, adult star, office manager, fake penis inspector and part-time accountant, stops the delivery dude to inspect the shipment.

Paris rips open a box, takes out a toy and begins plugging herself on the hallway floor, not bothering to detect one of the studio beds. This babe quickly realizes that only real dick is plan to satisfy her so this babe starts mouthing Tony’s stiffy. That Lothario is viewed her in upright amazement since this chab unloaded his cart and cant believe his wonderful luck. Paris sucks his meat-thermometer and balls love this babe just got without a convent. This gent copulates her rock hard over a trash barrel and on the floor and finishes up by dousing her bigger in size than typical bouncy bosoms.

Paris is from the horniest nation on the planet, relative to square miles and population size, the Czech Republic. This babe told one day that babe craves to detect the consummate gent to get married to. To which we say, don’t worry, Paris, one day your prince will cum. On your big meatballs, face, gazoo, etc.

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Victoria Versaci – Victoria the big-assed Mexican MILF

Victoria the bigger in size than run of the mill bootied Mexican MILF

Victoria the greater than typical assed Mexican MILF

“I like boys who know how to treat a mastix right,” says 52-year-old Victoria Versaci, a first-timer who knows how to treat males right judging by the way she swallows Tarzan’s ramrod. Hot Victoria, who’s Mexican and lives in Los Angeles, hadn’t had sex in two months in advance of that babe traipsed into our studio. She’s one hungry female.

Victoria is wearing a costume that her DD-cup milk shakes are pouring out of. The suit hugs her huge, round ass, which that babe happily unveils off. This divorcee and M.I.L.F. had not at all had sex on-camera previous to she came here, so this babe was nervous and amorous. But it doesn’t display when that babe begins rogering.

Victoria is a businesswoman. That babe was a hostess in a lap dancing club for a while and gave lapdances. That babe did not disrobe. That babe just gave lapdances. She’s not a swinger. This babe is not a nudist. We detected her on Twitter. She fantasizes about having 2 men at the same time and says she doesn’t have sex often sufficient.

We’re plan to see what we can do about that.

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Crystal Gunns – The Gunns’ Double Feature

The Gunns’ Double Feature

The Gunns' Double Feature

In part one of “The Gunns’ Double Feature,” Crystal Gunns tries out one of the kooky screw machines created by KensTwistedMind. In part 2, Crystal disrobes and lap dances in a scene filmed in POV

Crystal’s fans are still as ardent as ever despite the fact that this babe is no longer exotic dancing and adult modeling. One fan from Canada even has a tattoo of Crystal (he sent a picture of it) and tries to collect each movie scene and photo she ever discharged.

“One man wrote an essay about me for a high-school class,” said Crystal. “He’s from Florida. This chab got an A on it. I truly have a copy of it somewhere. It was supposed to be a paper about memorable people or different people, and this chab decided to write about me. I’ll by no means forget it. That fellow came to the exotic dancing club, and this man was there every night. That stud just sat there and just observed and wrote and wrote and wrote.”

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Rikki Waters – Testing The Waters

Testing The Waters

Testing The Waters

Rikki Waters begins her XL Cuties clip with everyone’s much loved introduction, an interview with the lad who’s gonna bonk her. Carlos has her walk around the room so this guy can check her out in her hot lingerie. This gent voices his approval which pleases Rikki. He tells her to spank her gazoo and bend over on the daybed for a detailed inspection. “Show me how u love to get spanked,” this Lothario commands. Rikki displays how this babe can’t live with out a rigid ass-cheek slap followed by a rub. “How rock hard do you adore your booty to be spanked?” questions Carlos. “Real inflexible,” Rikki laughs.

Carlos comes over and tries his palm on her ass while Rikki kneels on the bed in a doggie pose. That buck is not intend to win any rewards for his thrashing technique but Rikki can’t live with out it. This chab is more interested in getting a hands-free oral job during the time that her big meatballs are propped up on his thigh. Kneeling on the floor, this babe jacks his shaft with one fist while licking and engulfing his hanging nuts. Rikki nearly receives all of his 10-Pounder down her mouth. All the face hole worshiping leads to her first penetration. He positions her in doggie one more time…he’s enchanted by her bulky booty…and slips his tubesteak into her twat.

Exciting her shoulders doggy position, that buck pumps her poon. The room is filled with the sounds of hips slapping against her doughy rump, her cries and his heavy breathing. She’s light on the indecent talk but does repeatedly ask Carlos to slap her wazoo. Rikki may be a fem-dom on her own turf but here she learns who the larger than standard dog is. That babe acquires additional points when, at her request, Carlos lets loose on her ass-cheeks for a cum butt-coating. This babe wipes the cum with her palm and then instinctively licks it off her fingers.

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Tiffany Summers – My Neighbor

My Neighbor

My Neighbor

“My neighbor Tiffany probably did not know what was going on when this babe kept on getting sextoys in the mail,” wrote J.L., who lives one abode down from Tiffany. “Then one day, I ran into her during the time that I was going out to acquire the mail, and I just decided to go for it. I told to her, ‘Have u been savouring your new toys?’ That babe blushed, and then that babe told, ‘So it’s you who’s been sending these things to me! You know, u could’ve just asked.’ I did not say to her, ‘Asked what?’ I just followed her into her house.”

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Michelle Taylor – Dreams Come True!

Fantasies Come True!

Dreams Come True!

Michelle’s huge dream in the world is to become a world-famous glamour model. Coz we’re good studs here, we decided to make her fantasies come true!

“I’ll try anything once, Michelle said us. “That’s how my husband has convinced me to do some actually kinky shit. Love the time that ladies man drilled my face for the first time. I was worried about the mess, so we decided to do it in the shower. At 1st, he was really gentle and I was kind of getting bored. Then, as he started getting more into it, that lady-killer picked up the pace. Eventually, his ramrod was ramming my face hole and my eyes were watering. That gent had my head in his hands and that chap was treating my face hole like a vagina.”

Fellows, Michelle looked so hot, we just had to shoot some other set. In a future post, we have got Michelle in a constricted blue bathing dress, overspread in oil and widening her lustrous, wet cum-hole in the sun. Stay tuned!

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Eva Karera – Sex Spa

Sex Spa

Sex Spa

Peter Green’s at a spa to receive a rubdown. At the front desk, Eva Karera gets faster service than that ladies man does. Well, that babe is a angel. And that babe has large wobblers and a hot body. So what do u await? Eva rushes off to one of the massage rooms and prepares for her full body treatment.

Peter is interested in her and a sneaky, rotten plan percolates in his brain. That dude plans to bang this girl. This chab sneaks into the room where Eva is already naked on her tummy and pretends to be taking over for Ingrid, Eva’s regular beauty. This chab almost fucks up his scam by calling himself a masseuse instead of a masseur but Eva doesn’t catch it. But this babe does think something’s hinky when that man spills rub-down baby oil in her hair and isn’t wearing a spa shirt. Eva finally realizes this gent is a con buck when that babe recognizes him from the front desk but that babe lets him continue his hands-on work.

When Peter rubs down Eva’s bigger than run of the mill marangos and toned thighs and sees she’s getting turned on, that gent moves into high gear and finger-bangs her, then licks her muff. This babe reaches for his boner and this rubdown is over before it starts! In advance of the crew can inspect what’s going on and rush in there, Eva and Peter are screwing their brains out.

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Kitty Langdon – Horny Sirens Have A Private Party

Slutty Sirens Have A Private Party

Horny Sirens Have A Intimate Party

Kitty and Natalie had been eyeing each other at a party. Natalie thought Kitty was super hawt and had fetching legs. Throughout the night, this babe wondered what it would be adore to widen these stems apart and get a taste of Kitty’s pleasing heart. Kitty, meanwhile, had noticed Natalie as well. That babe had a thing for androgynous babes who looked just as hot in vigour suits as they did in hawt lingerie. She could tell Natalie would definitely take control if that babe solely got close enough. Natalie ducked into a private room in the party, and Kitty could not help but pursue. When she saw that babe had company, Natalie asked Kitty to turn around so she could acquire a worthwhile view her wazoo and legs.

“What do you think?” Kitty asked her. Natalie took a puff from her cigarette and blew it toward Kitty.

“I think I’m about to make you mine,” this babe told, tilting her head up.

“Now take up with the tongue my shoes, my captivating fresh screw toy,” she commanded. Kitty obeyed, feeling her cunt moisten as she knelt down to do as this babe was said. The two got even hornier after that, becoming a tangled mess of limbs, Natalie revealing a strap-on and a hawt corset below her masculine garb and Kitty lap dancing off her form-fitting dress to disclose her epic bra buddies. If you urge to know how it ends, you’ll just must scroll down.

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Jessica Torres – Good girls do

Fine gals do

<b>Worthwhile angels do</b>” title=”<b>Admirable gals do</b>” src=”” /></a> </p>
<p class=“I not at any time thought I would do everything love this,” told Jessica Torres, a 40-year-old divorcee and Mamma of 3 from Illinois (This babe was born in the Phillippines). “My friends and family will wonder what happened.”

What happened? Long story. Yeah, Jessica loves having sex, but having sex on-camera, doing porn, was not on her to-do list until money needs sent her our way. Worthy for us. Turned out it was good for her, likewise. She enjoyed herself.

We asked Jessica if that babe is ever picked up a lad and taken him home or had sex on a first date, and that babe said, “Never. I am not adore that.”

How long does a stud need to wait?

“About a month. You may get a oral-service on the fourth date. Maybe.” If a guy tries also inflexible, “He’s gone.”

“I’m a admirable girl,” this babe said.

“I am,” that babe insisted.

It’s not that this babe doesn’t wanna have sex before a month has passed. She does. But this babe doesn’t desire males to think she is facile.

Then anew, there’s Tony here. He’s not at all even dated Jessica and that lady-killer is getting to have sex with her. Porn’s a barmy thing. A valuable avid thing.

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