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Amy Anderssen – If The Bra Fits, Fuck Amy’s Tits

If The Brassiere Fits, Bonk Amy’s Zeppelins

If The Undergarment Fits, Fuck Amy's Tits

Amy Anderssen has gone shopping. And what did Amy shop for? That garment that is revered by all at SCORELAND. Brassieres. They hold the goodies that Amy likes so dear. This babe likes to shop for them. Dressing her greater than run of the mill bra buddies is very important to Amy.

Amy wants to put on a intimate brassiere modeling reveal for Tony Rubino. That ladies man won’t must jack to those Victoria’s Secret catalogs anymore. Not after seeing Amy’s cleavage concert and getting her to play his skin flute. But first, the warm-up.

Amy’s 1st partiality looks too petite to cover her biggest jugs. “I can make it work,” says Amy. We know that babe will. The candy-colored couple of boulder holders Amy picks brandishes a lot of undercleavage and doesn’t cover all of her greater than standard areolae. But ya got to admit, her boobs are thrust forward so far and pushed jointly, you could rest two cocktails on her boob shelf. Tony finds a place for his face in that constricted space.

Amy leaves and returns with 2 more bras. Tony helps her put on a purple number. Amy knows boobs and brassieres so this babe orders him on adjusting the fit. It doesn’t pass her test. “There’s too much give to this one,” a frowning Amy tells him. That babe urges to try the third one if Tony will acquire his mitts of her bra buddies.

After putting on beneath garment #3, Amy strikes a pose and asks him what this stud thinks, then aims her bubble arse in his direction and twerks it. Tony buries his face between her a-hole cheeks. This babe twerks her arse again against his package. That man can not take anymore.

Amy unbuckles him and engulfs his inflexible cock betwixt her lips and sucks it hands-free. Her face hole trickle with thick saliva strings. Laying on her back, Amy desires Tony’s pecker between her super-colossal jugs 1st in advance of her pinkalicious pooswaa is filled and rogered in her prefered positions.

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Ginger Black – What’s on Ginger’s hard drive?

What’s on Ginger’s stiff drive?

What's on Ginger's unbending drive?

Ginger Dark, a 41-year-old SEXY HOUSEWIFE from Fresh Jersey (that babe lives in Los Angeles), is having trouble with her laptop computer. It’s just not working, so this babe asks Mr. Mac to fix it. But when Mr. Mac begins looking around inside her hard drive, this ladies man comes up with some saucy pics of Ms. Dark.

“I do some cam-modeling,” Ginger tells him. “Maybe u can aid me. Would you adore to be on-camera?

Hey, anything to get inside a brickhouse piece of a-hole adore Ginger. She is a blond with wonderful, greater than typical bra-busters and a large, firm a-hole. That babe has the kind of body that can take a pounding, and Mr. Mac–alias JMac–bangs her subrigid before he squirts his juice all over her charming face.

Ginger used to be a shot angel. You know, one of these cuties who goes around a bar or lap dancing club selling shots.

“The sexier I looked, the more tips I got,” this babe told.

Ginger looked very hot when we found her on an Internet web resource for prospective adult models.

“I wanted to try smth fresh,” she said.

Screwing hung studs on-camera is smth new for Ms. Dark-skinned, who’s divorced and has two children.

“I have been swinging since my 20’s,” she told. “My wildest experience was at a strip club called Role Play when I was the center of attention of a group sex with multiple studs and women. Almost any people I know wouldn’t be surprised to see me here. They know I have a wild side. I love being fastened up and blindfolded. I adore to engulf schlong. I’ve sex at least twice a day. I was the host of a group-sex party with 10 chaps. I’m constantly trying new things, the kinkier the more worthy.”

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Emilie – Tall & Toned Sugar Baby

Tall & Toned Sugar Baby

Tall & Toned Sugar Baby

Lives: Art student/model; Age: 20; Born: October 10; Ht: 6′; Wt: 156 pounds; Bras: 32B; Panties: Belts; Anal: Tongueing and fingering; BJs: Drink it down! Masturbate: Yes.

“I am not originally from the United States,” Emilie said us. This babe did not have to fill us in on that little gem, we knew from the pont of time we got her on the phone. Her accent is beautiful thick. “I was born in Riga, Latvia, but I moved to New York a few years agone to try to become a adult model. It did not work out for me. The photographers, agents, and assistants would try to fuck me. They would tell me that it was the solely way to become a big star. I refused! I dont mind sleeping with people, but I’m not a floozy! I won’t trade my body for money.”

We get many gals sending us pics for the overweight checks we pay, but that is not what Emilie was after. We asked her why that babe sent us those fotos of her gaping pussy and adorably arsehole. “I am now dating a woman chaser who takes care of me. This chab has given me anything I could have wanted. He’s supporting me while I study, likewise. I am so in like! The only problem is that this ladies man has a wife. He says he is going to dump her for me in a short time, but I donot wanna await. This buck mentioned once that he has always enjoyed your magazine and once tried to receive his wife to submit pics. She didn’t do it. That babe doesn’t like him enough, but I do!”

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Satine Spark – Milk & Honey Bush

Milk & Honey Bush

Milk & Honey bunny Bush

We’ve got a confession. Satine is a glamour model. She’s done a couple of movie scenes previous to. But when one of our buddies in England called us and let us know that he had a natural golden-haired with a full milk and pleasing heart bush that wanted to shoot some filthy content, we did not hesitate. We said him to book her immediately. She’s only done a pair of discharges, so that babe isn’t a full-fledged porn actress. This babe is still got that naivety and dilettante silliness to her. You’ll watch what we mean.

Satine is Twenty four years old and lives in Corby, United Kingdom. This babe is got a flat with her spouse and their 2 cats. She is 5’3″ and has a weight of 133 pounds. Of course, we’re not sure if that weight reflects the size of her considerable bush! She’s just graduated from University and is still looking for a job in her chosen profession. In the meantime, she is keeping busy. “I masturbate each morning and I copulate my boy almost every evening,” she said our buddy who shot this episode.

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Chery Leigh – Chery’s happy anal return

Chery’s cheerful anal return

Chery's happy anal return

A year and a half ago, Chery Leigh strolled into our studio for the 1st time. This babe had sex with a stud who was a little younger than her. This babe got ass-fucked by a lad who was a lot younger than her.

“It was outstanding,” Chery said. “I was blown away. The treatment, the way everything is done, the attention to detail. I had tons of pleasure, but they made me urge to do more and do more astounding the next time the opportunity arrived.”

The opportunity has arrived, and here’s Chery, now Fifty six years aged, getting butt-fucked some other time by a 24-year-old.

“I was very sexually excited to come back,” Chery said.

Chery showed up in our studio with her partner in tow and her children back home in South Florida. Here, this tall, MILFy blonde is wearing a short animal-print suit, red heels and red panties. The last time that babe was here, Chery described herself as an “anal sex novice.” Now, this babe says, “Anal sex can be very sexual. It just depends on the entire approach. I adore to have my cookie rubbed whilst I am having anal sex. There’re ways to actually make it erotic. The key is how it is done.”

For example, eat her pussy, not her butt, but stick a finger in her rectal hole. Copulate her slit then shag her arse.

“There are many approaches but that works well,” Chery told.

Chery’s butt gets drilled tons of ways in these photos. Which position is your favorite?

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Sasha Sean – Sasha and the BBC

Sasha and the BBC

Sasha and the BBC

In this scene, 48-year-old Sasha Sean, a sex star in the 1980s who’s making her comeback at, sucks and bonks a bigger than average, dark dick.

40SOMETHING: Ever given a blow job under the table in a restaurant?
SASHA: Yep. I started jerking him off below the table.

40SOMETHING: Did anybody wonder where you’d gone?
SASHA: No, and if they did, I did not care. But I’ve got a more fine story. When I was 19, I was dating an 18-year-old petticoat chaser, and we went to a nightclub and we were on the dance floor and it was summer, so I had a miniature sundress on, and I unzipped his trousers and pulled his penis out on the dance floor and turned around, and we rogered on the dance floor in front of all these people. And everybody was like, “No way!” Some people avoided and viewed. It wasn’t even a swinger couples exotic dancing club or a titty bar. It was a regular club.

40SOMETHING: Did you cum?
SASHA: No, but he came. This ladies man got scared. Lads receive so scared. Why are you boyz so scared all the time? Whenever I wanna pull off to the side of the road and screw, it is always the fellow who says, “What if anybody sees?” Hotty’s have become so adventurous sexually. The men are always hesitant.

40SOMETHING: How aged were you when you got into porn the first time?
SASHA: 18. Right after my birthday. I was dancing in L.A., and this gal I worked with in the Valley said, “I’m plan to go do a porno tomorrow.” Her name was Candy Evans. That babe told, “Do u desire to go?” and I said, “I cant do porn.” This babe said, “No, u can.”

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Hayden – A Famous Amateur

A Famous Non-professional

A Famous Amateur

Hayden already had a cult following on the internet when that babe came to SCORE. She’s a busty businesswoman with an exhibitionistic streak that that babe proud throughout combining a lusty sex drive with photography and the internet. Previous to the internet and digital cameras became popular and usable, vixens adore Hayden would take nude photos just for their paramours and husbands or for Nasty Neighbors magazine. Originally, that babe blurred her face. Later on, she did hardcore clips at home out of hiding her face.

Hayden’s signifcant other is the right guy for a lady like her. This charmer loves taking images of her in hawt, tight nice-looking garments that emphasizes her giant marangos and erection-making body. Parks, beaches, elevators, adult lingerie shops, hotel rooms. The husbands of Barbie Kelley, Kelly Christiansen and Shelby Gibson and the ex of Diane Poppos have the same yen that compels ’em to constantly take sexy fotos and movies of their wives.

“I had posted some pictures on a voyeur web resource and somebody wrote in saying I should consider modeling for Voluptuous,” Hayden said. “So I submitted some fotos and got a fine response.”

“I do all sorts of things on my web page, from dressed pix, very candid, to things more risqué adore posing as the gal next door, peeking through her bedroom window or in the bath. I also do topless and insertion and things like that. I’ve plenty of pleasure when I do the pics. I’m a carnal cutie. I like movie scenes and I like pix. I savour these things. I believe it’s very important to keep things thrilling and erotic. I know it probably sounds odd, but I truly do have enjoyment watching porn. I like watching videos. It’s a stupendous turn-on for me. I enjoy seeing the interaction of studs and chicks jointly. I love the hardcore ram. I love seeing babes together. I just think it’s pleasure and gives me ideas to add creativity to my sex life.”

Before Hayden got into the public flashing and exhibitionism, that babe considered that almost all terrible of acts, a breast reduction.

“I guess I didn’t watch ’em as necessary. I thought they were much also larger than standard for any wonderful use. I don’t know. I think I didn’t have anyone savouring them adore I do now. It was just something I had thought about for many years, so I went to watch a doctor. I even went throughout the entire process, then I got down to the very last appointment, just previous to my surgery, and decided against it. In my heart, I was not 100% sure I wanted to go ahead with it. It is not reversible. U can’t have a reduction and then go back up one more time and have ’em look natural, so I thought, ‘This is the way that I am and I am gonna make it work and be glad with it.’ I am so happy every single day that I didn’t make that decision.”

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Satine Spark – Blonde Bush

Golden-haired Bush

Blonde Bush

This month we have a very peculiar Bush Baby and a very special photo-shoot. Satine sent in her fotos along with a note saying that she was intend to shave her pubes. Well, we were obviously very sad that that babe was saying sayonara to her rug, so we called her up to avoid her. This babe told us that she had her mind set on getting rid of her bush, but she’d hold off if we wanted more pics. Certainly we did. Stay tuned for more from this pale, British Bush Baby.

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April Malone – Hot & Sticky

Hawt & Sticky

Hot & Sticky

All that glitters will make your 10-Pounder hard and April Malone knows that. That is why this cougar decks her stems and peds out in glossy and shimmering goodies for you to rub your 10-Pounder all over. “I adore to dress up and give my paramours a reveal,” she told. “The more adornment I wear on my legs and toes, the harder their pricks get and that is what I love. There is nothing like hawt cum splattered all over my jeweled shoes and shiny tights. It’s impressive, especially when it is hot and sticky.”

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Jordan Pryce – Bowling For Boobs

Bowling For Mounds

Bowling For Boobs

Every topic Jordan talks about always leads to sex. For Jordan, it’s all about in-your-face sex and showing her body and large mammaries.

Big breasted blond Jordan Pryce calls herself JordanFuckDoll on Twitter. This babe is originally from Russian Federation and lives in UK. The funniest line that babe is heard yet from a boy was, “You’ve got large titties. Let’s have sex.”

Jordan can’t live without to play dress-up and this babe loves to wear uniforms. “I’m always up for sex,” says Jordan. ‘Every day. I love mouthing meat-thermometer and screwing. I like to spit on my bazookas and I like to swallow. My much loved position is being on top.”

“I was born in Moscow, and I live in London. I saw SCORELAND on the Internet and thought, ‘I should be there. I have bigger in size than typical titties love those beauties and I can shag like these cuties, likewise. I like my juggs! They’re my topmost feature. I can’t await to expose ’em to all the SCORE fellows.”

“I love hawt, tight, little clothes and outfits that expose off my large bouncy bosoms to the maximum. I always dress to display off my boobs. I wear little skirts to unveil off my legs and high heels, also, but everywhere I go, the men and honeys check out my bumpers. The sweethearts point at ’em, and the men always watch my marangos, not at my face.”

Jordan’s first SCORE photo shoot was shot in a bowling alley. She’ll be bowling for a boning there the next time we see her.

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Trinety Guess – Lady In Red

Woman In Red

Lady In Red

“Do u desire me to be wicked for u tonight?” Trinety Guess asks. “I’m in my sexy red costume.”

As nice-looking as that babe looks in her form-fitting red costume, we can’t expect to watch her take it off. Luckily for us, Trinety can not await to acquire her dress off either.

“I may look love a lady in this costume,” Trinety adds as she takes her H-cup hangers out of her suit. “But I am indeed not.”

Oh, we know that, Trinety. You’re one of the freakiest beauties we have ever had. Trinety believes in hard screws, cum shots and trickling juicy cunts.

“I’m a nympho,” Trinety said. “I surprise boys all the time when they notice how much I love screwing. I talk about and wish sex more than they do.”

We’re not the type of bucks Trinety would surprise, but we are left in awe. Her milky white skin is alluring, and her curves look edible. She’s the kind of girl u bring home. Not to Mama, but to your apartment where you’ll a gang bang her all night.

“My sex sessions are love events,” Trinety said. “Like a marathon. I need more than one round. You need to give me at least two. Then we can take a break and try for a third bonk.”

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