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Abby Paradise – You Can’t Teach Abby’s Skills

You Can’t Train Abby’s Skills

You Can't Educate Abby's Skills

Lives: Akron, Ohio; Occupation: Waitress; Age: Nineteen; Born: August 10; Ht: 5’7″; Wt: 135 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Boyshorts; Anal: Bring it! BJs: Like to swallow; Diddle: Not much.

Hey, do you love sexy teenage schoolgirls? Okay, that is a inexperienced question. Well, we were talking to Abby Paradise, one of our prefered submitters, and that babe was telling us about a cute professor this babe has. This buck is a lot older than her, but she cant concentrate on everything this guy is saying coz she’s always eye-fucking the hell with out him. We asked her if that babe wanted to play this dream out and she was all about it. We brought in a Lothario to take over the teacher’s role and the rest is a history class.

“I chatted with your man for a during the time that previous to shooting the video,” that babe told us. It was super hot. That smooth operator didn’t break character, so it was just love chatting with my professor. I was so into the role that my cum-hole was creaming down my hips before we even kissed. I loved this so much we even had unexpected anal. That’s how turned on I was.”

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Samantha Ray – Happily Married, Happily Fucking Other Men

Happily Married, Happily Banging Other Guys

Happily Married, Happily Screwing Other Men

“I know what I urge and how to acquire it,” told Samantha Ray, a 45-year-old wife and soccer Mama from Michigan. “I’ve not at all been turned down.”

Samantha Ray is a hairdresser, which doesn’t surprise us at all. Lady hairdressers tend to be sexy and sexed-up. They like to acquire close to their customers. They adore to rub their bodies against them and stick their milk shakes in their faces. They say they’re trying to do a precious job, but what they’re really trying to do is receive you inflexible.

“I’m always wet at work,” Samantha informed us.

We assume she’s referring to her bawdy cleft.

Samantha Ray says she’s “very happily married,” and we’re sure the same goes for her boyfriend. We asked her if that babe is viewed her scenes, and that babe said, “Of course. They’re also hawt not to look at.”

Did she observe ’em with somebody?

“I’ve observed ’em by myself and with my hubby. It turns me on very much to observe them, and I know my hubby got turned on.”

How does she know?

“Watching my scenes made me so concupiscent that I wanted my partner to eat my wet crack whilst I observed ’em,” she said. “Then I had him bonk me. He was rock-hard.”

Here, Samantha Ray makes 23-year-old Jeremy rock-hard. This babe has that way about her, doesn’t that babe?

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Desiree – “Oh Yeah, Fuck Me In The Ass”

“Oh Yeah, Bonk Me In The Ass”

Ginger angel Desiree attempted anal invasion for the first time in her life at SCORE when that babe returned following a lengthy absence after posing in nature’s garb one time (in September 2001 V-mag). You may send in your heartfelt letters and emails of unfathomable appreciation to SCORELAND if you urge but Desiree should get almost all of the credit for her anal awaking. The next day, Desiree attempted some other anal adventure.

“Those were my 1st 2 times,” Desiree said. “I have always been curious about it, so I tried it. I wanted to do it first and kind of receive it over with. But what was laughable was that the night in advance of, the studio staff sent me home with those anal toys and they were slight. They were petite a-hole plugs. And then I come in tomorrow and Juan, the fellow who I had my first anal scene with, was huge! I found it kind of a matter of joke that the toys were adore a quarter of his meat-thermometer size. But it wasn’t likewise bad. I liked it.”

And from that moment on, Desiree, a frequent guest, has had her anal zone invaded by several incoming meat missiles at SCORE including in an interracial session.

This time, overflowing bra-buster Desiree (decked out in a darksome stringy thing and dark-skinned nylons) is ass-pleasured by Tony who does not neglect her nice-looking pink taco on the way to bootytown. No gentleman would overlook that.

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Katherine Merlot – This Pussy For Rent…By Two Guys!

This Wet crack For Rent…By 2 Lads!

This Fur pie For Rent...By Two Boyz!

“Oh, there they come!” Seventy something Katherine says as she looks out her window.

This babe might mean here they cum.

Katherine has a room for rent, and Asante and Tony are there to see her abode. The problem is, there are two boyz and one room, and even worse, the room has bunk beds. But Tony isn’t truly checking out the room. He’s checking out Katherine’s bigger than run of the mill funbags.

“What are you getting me into?” Asante asks when Katherine leaves the room.

Well, Asante, Tony’s about to acquire you into some granny pussy.

The men have a look around the house, and what do they watch? Katherine getting changed. And that babe catches ’em.

“You’re intend to take my room,” Katherine says.

She means they’re plan to take her cum-hole. Her throat, too. Yeah, this mature divorcee is about to have her 1st on-camera three-way, and it includes a larger than average, darksome penis.

Wonder if the boyz will receive a break on the rent.

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Chavon Taylor – Hire A Hooker When The Wife’s Away

Hire A Hooker When The Wife’s Away

Hire A Hooker When The Wife's Away

This stud is lustful and that ladies man does not wanna jack. That lady-killer desires twat. This lady-killer desires sex with no strings. No dinner dates, no gifts, no in a relationship with. Copulate that shit. He craves a babe who has a constricted and skillful love tunnel and larger than average tits that swing around when this stud is banging her. A honey who will come over after a phone call and will take his shlong and make him cum and then leave quietly with some money in her purse for a job well done.

This gent, who happens to be a cheating boyfriend, needs a able who will do what this chab says and fuck and suck his 10-Pounder the way this chab wants it. The way he craves it, when this chap wishes it. Anybody who will not give him any lip except the lips over his rock hard strapon. A stacked and great looking gal. Youthful and fresh with a constricted body. That gent needs a hooker with love melons. A call-a-slut who will spank her booty when u bonk her doggy style.

He needs Chavon Taylor. Cuckolded wives, beware. This is the hotty husbands desire to fuck when they are “visiting their sister” or are “out of town on business.” This is the angel husbands think of when they discharge their loads fucking their wives.

The cheating bastard is already in daybed and waiting when Chavon enters the abode. She’s wearing what appears love a bathing costume and clear hawt dancer heels. Chavon peels with out her suit, leaving her slut shoes on. The sight of her mouthing on her trick’s penis while in a doggie pose is tremendous, love a obscene mens’ mag centerfold come to life. What a face hole on this hotty. She goes down deep and holds. That babe gags. This babe drools. Other cuties should study Chavon’s playbook.

And then that babe takes his rod unfathomable inside her honey bunny trap for an epic screw. Time and cash well spent for this immodest, rotten cheating spouse. He’ll be screwing Chavon one more time one afternoon unless his wife pays attention the bank statements are funny-looking.

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Natalie Fiore – The Seventh Month

The Seventh Month

The 7th Month

Unprecedented! Natalie Fiore is back and she’s in “The Seventh Month.” You saw the sneak peek of this clip. Not since Shyla Coyness has a preggy adult model shared so much of herself. Her stomach bump has been steadily growing and now it is completely immense. The same for her bigger-than-big milk cans. Natalie rubs her bump every single day. This babe says that touching and rubbing it makes her hawt and u know how sexually excited preggo cuties can get.

Being on-camera knowing she is being viewed amps up Natalie’s thrills. It’s sufficient to drive a lad desirous. Natalie did not must receive naked and hawt on-camera. Her pregnancy is a peculiar time for her. Almost all babes wouldn’t have done this. Natalie did it for the fans ‘coz this babe knows many of them wish to see preggo chicks. Seeing her adore this stokes them and that stokes her flames even more. Even for us veteran SCORE Group people, seeing Natalie preggy after all these years of photographing her is a momentous occasion.

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Pompadur – Pitching Tents

Pitching Tents

Pitching Tents

Pompadur comes from the frigid north of Canada, but that doesn’t avoid her from getting hot in the outside. “I love fooling around out side but merely when it is not also cold. My ex and I used to go camping all the time. I loved rogering in the tent. At night, when our campfire would die, we’d start shivering and dive into our two-person sleeping bag. I had just enough room to jerk him and play with my clitoris. I left a snatch puddle in the tent.”

“My beloved way to bonk is kind of strange, but it makes me cum each time. It is called the butterfly position. Basically, it is where I lie on my back at the edge of the daybed and the lad stands on the ground. It is great coz we’re basically on the same level. It’s all about the G-spot.”

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Linsey’s Three-Way

Linsey’s Three-Way

Linsey's Three-Way

This threesome from the DVD Maximum Insertion (sold at eBoobStore) is the second and final hardcore scene with a lad starring SCORE‘s unsurpassable superstar Linsey Dawn McKenzie.

When a new natural debuts, many veteran boob studs praise her as “The Next Linsey Dawn McKenzie.” LDM became the prototype, the role model by which other stacked gals are measured. The bar is set very high. Linsey naturally made it so.

After Linsey’s first boy-girl scene in 2001, Topmost Linsey, in which that babe banged her future husand Terry numerous weeks before their wedding, 2 years passed. Ten months later, they divorced. When in Spain for a series of photo discharges for, Linsey decided to try a second boy-girl, solely this time a Czech named Marketa (Big boobed Euro Maids and many other SCORE DVDs) was added to make it a trio. The Lothario was a professional penis this time, Robert alias “Mr. Trousersnake” from Big-Boob Euro Maids. This chab fucks them both in a home Health Lap dancing club. Marketa is a attractive, big breasted sex star with great moves but Linsey is the definite star of the show here.

Linsey and Veronika tell Robert to get his sexy outfit off and this chap does when Linsey grabs his wang with out his shorts and wraps her lips around it. The beauties take turns slobbering over his jock. Veronika grabs the shaft and works on the head during the time that Linsey goes for his bag, engulfing one nut at a time. Then they switch and Linsey inhales half his bone down her face hole previous to giving it to Veronika. The girls give Trousersnake tons of engulfing before he acquires to copulate Linsey’s juggs. Linsey takes it doggie position while licking Veronika’s slit. Robert discharges a massive load onto both cuties as they kiss and offer their charming melons for his sex cream, with majority of the man cream landing on Linsey’s chin and neck.

Linsey is far more brawny and acrobatic in her sex poses than this babe was in Topmost Linsey which took place on a run of the mill couch while Marketa makes a fine wingwoman. Linsey not at any time anew did some other hardcore scene with a boy. At the time British porno stars were just starting to be recognized by a wider audience with British bra-buster Cathy Barry being one of the utmost known. We know LDM would have become a titanic porno star had that babe continued but that wasn’t what that babe wanted, preferring a milder career in adult.

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Jessa – Slutty and Proud!

Concupiscent and Contented!

Slutty and Proud!

“I have no problem admitting that I’m a doxy,” Jessa shared with us. “There’s nothing wrong with having a little enjoyment. Moreover, why would not I urge to give a skirt chaser sex a million times better than any that lady-killer is ever had? That way he’ll always remember me! I had one of my friends with benefits take these pictures. He is one of those boyz who just lucked into my pants. We were at a party and I was lascivious as hell so I tempted him. I keep him around cuz this ladies man licks cum-hole love nobody’s business! He’s even more magnificant at sucking my clitoris than some of the girls I have fooled around with!”

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Mona Hawght – Add “Doing Anal On-Camera” To Her Been-There, done-That List

Add “Doing Anal On-Camera” To Her Been-There, done-That List


This scene is not plan to win any awards for creativity. There is no talk. No setup. Just act.

But it might win some awards for hotness and sleaziness ‘coz Mona Hawght, a 46-year-old wife and Mother from Ohio, receives screwed very rock hard in her a-hole whilst fingering her damp cum-hole, and when the guy is done fucking her well used arsehole, this chab squirts his seed all over Mona’s face.

“I adore it,” Mona says.

That babe likes a lot of things. She’s done plenty of things.

“I one time met three chaps at a hotel and made a film of ’em banging me while my partner was at work,” Mona told. “Of course, I showed it to him afterward.”


“My partner and I met a newlywed couple during the time that on vacation. That babe was 19. This chab was 21. We had a foursome with ’em. I ate the wife’s snatch whilst her fresh husband rogered me doggy style. Later, I sucked his wife’s cum-hole juices off his schlong.”

“I love babes. My quote is, ‘I like a little wet crack on the side.'”

Mona was sent to us by model Carey Riley. Carey got ass-fucked on-camera. And, now, Mona’s doing it, too.

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Katherine Merlot – A Threesome For The 70something

A Threesome For The Seventy something

A 3some For The 70something

Here at, we like to treat our ladies well, so we gave Katherine Merlot the double dicking this 70something divorcee deserved. We gave her Tony’s bigger than standard white cock and Asante’s larger than average darksome schlong, and she wasted no time hungrily devouring ’em.

“You love this mature woman’s mouth?” Katherine told as she took turns engulfing their dicks. “You like how I suck on your greater than run of the mill, inflexible dongs?”

When Katherine got one of these cocks in her randy slit, she immediately let loose with the copulate talk.

“Fuck my wet crack harder! I love that youthful shlong inside me!” she shouted. Her impure throat rattled on the entire time. That’s, unless her lips were plugged with a chunky cock. Katherine fucks love a well-lubed machine, rocking back and forth as if pumping for baby oil. This babe too pokes her limits for pecker meat.

“I have a smaller vagina canal. I can take eight inches, nine is shoving it. I must work up to smth that larger than standard.”

Katherine of course enjoyed pushing herself. And this babe ended up with 2 loads of cum on her face.

We think that babe looks precious that way.

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